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Fratelli Beach & Club  – it’s a place on a wild beach we’ve been meaning to show you. In the summer, Fratelli brings all its toys to beach, serving you a complete experience: the crazy weekend parties in the night, the exclusive beach and the delightful food during the day! It’s the best place for holidays, with a 400 spots beach, a restaurant and club for weekend parties!

Fratelli Club – every Friday and Saturday from 11.30 PM
Fratelli Beach – from sunrise to sunset
Fratelli Brunch – every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 PM
Fratelli Lunch (Dinner, too) – open weekdays from 11 AM to 11 PM

foto source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fratelli-Beach-Mamaia

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Mamaia is Romania’s most popular summer resort on the Western shore of the Black Sea. It is located in the Northern city of Constanta, around 220km from Bucharest. We can arrange black cab transfer from Bucharest – Airport to Mamaia for 150,-euro/way/ max 3 person or 300,-euro/way/max 7pers.

Accommodation is very good, most hotels being recently renovated and upgraded from 3* to 5*.

Large sandy beaches ~ 200mp, pleasant breeze and warm sea water, the resort is opened from mid May to late September. The best time for parties is between mid June to end of August.

The fashionable events, sansational shows, luxurious clubs and restaurants, sky roof terraces, gondola trips, all these facilities make Mamaia Resort one of the best resorts on the Eastern Europe, a resort of fine taste, unique entertainment and perfect relaxation.


Nightlife info

Nightlife infoWant to have fun? To party till dawn with the best DJs music? Call your friends and come to Mamaia Resort, the hottest spot on Romania’s map. Here you will have endless fun, incendiary and affordable parties! It’s dedicated for those who wish to spend great summer moments by the seaside along with a series of fantastic events.

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