Being, feeling and living rock is timeless – regardless of age, standards or technology evolution. A long-awaited concert, an experience that is seen, heard and breathed, will remain one of those moments in which you remain speechless. And when the band on the stage brings the same cry of freedom and the same message as it is almost 30 years ago, the words no longer have the sense that music speaks and inspires. Once again, the wind of change will be heard in Bucharest on June 12, at Romexpo, at a collection of the legendary German band Scorpions, the Crazy World Tour.


Bucharest 2018 12nd  June – Romexpo

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Starting from 30 euro/ticket up to 100 euro/ticket.

Ticket + Hotel

Starting from 150 euro depending on your preferences. (Ticket + 2 nights accomodation).

For further informations please contact us.

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We are sorry, there are no cabins available at this event at the moment



In the past few years Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has become a lively city, with new hotels, good gourmet restaurants, glamorous clubs, green animated parks with romantic cafes. ‘ The Old Centre’ (or Old Town or Historic Centre), as it is called, has transformed in a place for parties, with many bars, cafe’s, wine bars, restaurants and art corners. People come here relaxed and willing for good time in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by old romantic buildings that are being renovated and restored. Here is the place where you can have a friendly, safe and affordable party or great relaxing time.

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Attending to Scorpions's Live Concert

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