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Try a variety of tastes, a mix of flavors that squeeze your senses and surprise you with every taste.

The indoor restaurant capacity of approximately 200 seats at the tables is accompanied by another 250 seats on the elegant terrace, sunbathing, with an outdoor bar that turns into evening at the ideal location for a romantic dinner under the light of the lanterns.
We are glad to welcome all those who want to live an authentic Italian gastronomic experience in a warm and welcoming environment with high-class services.

Representing a complete concept of relaxation and good mood for the whole family, we want your children to feel good here. Here you can relax, enjoy your lunch or dinner without worry. Our playground is specially designed for your child’s safety, paved with soft material that attenuates the impact and also protects your child’s joints. With slides, swings, trails and friendly animals, this space is perfect for children between 2 and 10 years of age.

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In the past few years Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has become a lively city, with new hotels, good gourmet restaurants, glamorous clubs, green animated parks with romantic cafes. ‘ The Old Centre’ (or Old Town or Historic Centre), as it is called, has transformed in a place for parties, with many bars, cafe’s, wine bars, restaurants and art corners. People come here relaxed and willing for good time in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by old romantic buildings that are being renovated and restored. Here is the place where you can have a friendly, safe and affordable party or great relaxing time.

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Sports & nature

Sports & natureBucharest has 5 major parks and additional 5 smaller, the largest is Herastrau with a surface of 11o ha surrounding a 74 ha lake. The road that covers the park is more thank 5km very popular among joggers. "Tineretului" Park is well known for sport activities, there are several football and basketball courts that can be used for free or small fee, as well as roller/bike thematic park or even free outdoor fitness. Here you can find Wellness and Sport Clubs as Daimon Sport Club - with tennis courts, football, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness and cycling centre.   daimon_club

Nightlife info

Nightlife infoOf all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is maybe one of the best. There is something for everyone in this town and we mean everyone…..from stylish clubs, trendy bars to Irish pubs with live music and jazz clubs to the odd steamy strip show. If you are for the first time in Bucharest, don't hesitate and send us an e-mail. We'll make sure you have the time of your life.

Culture and history info

Culture and history infoBucharest is a city of culture, a city of music, theatre and festivals. Almost every two weeks there are festivals or culture events. It's the right place to be for all those who enjoy a fully-packed cultural events calendar. From famous international festivals like 'George Enescu Festival' to small painting vernissages or to a lively Balkanik Festival or Food Festival. Worth mentioning already famous Bookarest (Book Fest), Bucharest International Film Festival, Street Music Festival  and so many. Every year famous musicians come along to Bucharest for dedicated concers or as part of music festivals. Check our 'events' page for more details. george_enescu summer-well

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