Hunting in Romania is one of the few places in Europe where the habitat are unaltered by human civilization. Wolves, bears and lynx inhabit primeval forests also deer and wild boar complete the primitive landscapes. Romania is a place where wild animals roam free like they have for thousands of years.

Danube Delta is also a region with wild fowl, close to the Black Sea with a beautiful paradise of the traditional migratory such as geese, woodcocks, ducks, quail and many other birds.

If you want a memorable hunting experience, send us your request and we will plan the perfect hunting package.

The persons who wants to hunt in Romania and the group attendants, have to know and to accept all the hunting rules and conditions from our country, as well as the hunting prices and the services of our company. According to the Romanian laws, the inquirers have to be members of a hunting society from their country and to have an accident assurance for them, valid also in Romania. Our company is not responsible for eventual injuries provoked by any kind of accidents  or any other special event of the hunter during  the hunting period in Romania.

Basic hunting  package

  • 3 hunting days with 4 days full board: from 750 euro/hunter and 350,-euro/attendant (person who doesn’t hunt).
  • 4 hunting days with 5 days full board: from 900 euro/hunter and 450,-euro /attendant ( person who doesn’t hunt).

Package includes:

  • hunting organization charge
  • custom transfer going-returning
  • transport on the road and in the hunting area
  • specialized technical personal (one for each hunter)
  • accommodation in hunting chalets or pensions  located close to the moor


If a hunter  wants  the expedition of the trophy to be done at his residence, it can be made with AIR CARGO. Charges will apply separately.


Please note that our tours are totally customized to each client’s needs and price varies according to the number of people in your group, specific suppliers included, specific dates, transport type etc.

Email us for more information and we would be delighted to get started on a tailor made detailed itinerary with pricing for you.

Discounts available for larger groups.

Please note that our tours are available upon demand for private tours and are not scheduled tours for mixed groups.


Available departures

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